Artificial casings made from collagen (non edible)

non-edible1Trade Bridge supplies high-quality non-edible casings made from collagen. These artificial casings are suitable for the manufacture of boiled, dried, cured and semi-cured sausage products. The casings are made from natural protein (from the hides of cows) which adheres to the meat. Since the casings are permeable, moisture and smoke can penetrate easily. This improves the flavour of your products.

Trade Bridge supplies non-edible collagen casings in a range of colours, shapes and finishes. In addition to our standard products, we also offer tailor-made advice and solutions. We have many years of experience, provide high quality casings and ensure quick delivery.

Specifications for non-edible collagen casings:

  • 20-metre bundles available
  • Available shirred
  • Available tied with a loop

Instructions for use:

  • Pre-soak for approx. 30 minutes in solution of water and salt (12 to 20% salt) at around 35º C
  • The tied part should be completely submersed for the duration of pre-soaking
  • Fill to a normal level; do not overfill
  • Smoke the meat as normal
  • Maximum cooking temperature: 75 ºC
  • Cool by flushing, then hang up so that the products can cool right to the core