Edible collagen

edible collagen Edible artificial casings  are made from collagen are suitable for use in the manufacture of fried   sausage products, fresh sausages, smoked sausage, cured or cooked meats, hot dog sausages and snack products. The edible collagen casings supplied by Trade Bridge are permeable and made from the hides of cows. Collagen is a glue-like protein which has an important function inside the connective tissue. This means that high-quality animal protein forms the basis for Trade Bridge’s edible artificial casings made from collagen. Collagen casings are easy to work with in processing and can be smoked. Trade Bridge supplies both straight casings and casings curved into rings. The edible artificial casings made from collagen are available in a range of colours: natural, salmon red, mahogany, caramel, euro-brown, fresh bloom, deep red and non-smoker.

Specifications for edible artificial casings made from collagen:

  • Calibre range: 13 mm to 43 mm.
  • Soaking procedure: can be handled when dry, ready to fill
  • Available folded into pleats, ready to fill (do not need to be soaked)
  • Available in any required length

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