Fibrous/fibre-reinforced casings

fibrousFibrous casings, also known as fibre-reinforced casings, are suitable for smoked sausages, dried or cured meats, sausages and ham products. Trade Bridge supplies fibrous casings which are made of cellulose and reinforced by a fibrous web. We can also supply fibrous casings with a coating on the interior so that they are easy to remove (easy peel).

Specifications for fibrous casings:

  • calibre range from 32 mm to 180 mm
  • available shirred
  • tied lengthways (this means that any desired length is possible)
  • available in bundles
  • available in rolls
  • various colours available
  • printable in up to 6 colours (various printing styles possible to ensure your product has visual appeal)

Soaking procedure:  

30-60 minutes for tied casings in water at between 300C and 400C
60-120 minutes for shirred casings in water at between 30
0C and 400C

Trade Bridge is happy to advise you on the benefits of fibrous casings or fibre-reinforced casings. Please feel free to contact us for more information.