Gas barrier films

барьер пленкиIt is transparent high barrier film for food packaging.

The product’s principal technical characteristic is that it is a hybrid composite of organic and inorganic materials. Owing to its high gas impermeability, durability under retort processing, transparency and secondary processability, in addition to various food packaging applications gas barrier films are appropriate for packaging applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries.


  • Highest gas barrier level among existing plastic films in terms of oxygen and moisture
  • Since high barrier performance is unaffected by retort processing, packaged content remains virtually unchanged
  • Retortable, suitable for use with wide range of retort conditions.
  • Physical stress like elongation, flexing and folding have largely no effect on barrier performance
  • Microwavable
  • Highly transparent, allowing for visual confirmation of content
  • Easy processing, including printing and laminating
  • Can be directly printed on with solvent- or water-based ink